Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Beauty Favorite: Setting Spray

Photo via Youtube, @Zabrena

Photo via Youtube, @Zabrena

Summer is fast approaching and with that hot and humid days. And as much as it is nice to finally be able to put on your favorite summer dress or a new pair of sandals there is one thing about summer that can drive you crazy. That is, your make-up sliding from your face and setting into fine lines because of the heat. There is absolutely nothing worse than to see your masterpiece melt from your face.

What can you do, to prevent this disaster? Splurge on a good setting spray, of course! It will change your life, trust me. Using it, when you finish applying your last product, can help make your face less cakey and most importantly, it will keep your makeup in place no matter what you do. So bathe yourself in your setting spray!

Here are some of the best setting sprays:

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